In 2012 I spent six months in Costa Rica doing voluntary service at my local school. I haven’t been back to the country since, but I still think back filled with nostalgia. I remember the warmth of the ticos, the thick hot air and the rich greenness at every corner. One time this February I spoke on the phone to one of my former students, the 20-year-old Justin, who aspires to become a big name in fashion photography. We stayed in touch over the years, so I called him up one evening to do an interview. We spoke about many things…How his bicultural background influences his work, why he thinks art is not valued in Costa Rica, why he should have followed his gut when choosing a career and how despite his struggle with mental health he never stopped doing art. This is the first time that Justin and I see and talk to each other in almost a decade. A situation that is doomed to be awkward…or is it? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. You'll have to listen to figure it out. I hope you enjoy.