The show "Between Two Islands" features the Irish writer, teacher and musician Bronagh Slevin. I interviewed Bronagh on a secluded, little beach in a small Sicilian town called Milazzo, where we spent the entire afternoon talking about the wonderful adventures of her life whilst listening to the sounds of waves in the background.

Bronagh began her story by sharing personal details about growing up during The Troubles, her early desire to travel, which was propelled by her love for languages, and feeling a strong connection to water wherever she goes. Bronagh also tells how it takes balls to live in Sicily and reveals the key to finding your own place in a male-dominated mindset of the island. In spite of her initial struggle to adapt, she feels more at home in Sicily than ever. How did she manage to move past her loneliness? And why is Sicily Italy at its most for her? Make sure to listen until the end to find out.

This conversation was incredibly interesting and enriching. I emailed Bronagh after reading an article of hers online, she wrote back, and there we were: recording her story on a beach in the north-east of Sicily. I hope you enjoy. I surely did. Music by Bronagh Slevin.