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Up High with Kaine Francesco

We've been going through some hectic times these last few weeks due to the corona virus pandemic 🌎. Hospitals are overwhelmed with the growing amount of patients, the Berlin streets seem deserted, pubs and clubs are closing, tubes are empty, more people work from home and for whatever reason, there is a shortage of toilet paper in the supermarkets. While I'm trying to make sense out of this madness myself, I'm hoping to brighten up your day today by sharing Kaine Francesco's story. I met Kaine during my master's in London a few years ago. He is an independent musician and songwriter, his debut album Up High was released in 2018, last year his new EP The Channel came out. Among many things, in this episode Kaine speaks about growing up in England and in France, how different female musicians influenced his songwriting and what it takes to create an album. His story might inspire those who have a creative idea or a dream, but don't know where to start or how to bring it to life. Kaine guides you through his process of becoming a musician, from writing down songs, recording them to actually performing them on stage and hearing them being played on the radio. But I think the most important thing I took away from our conversation is that no matter what obstacles life throws along your way, even if you question your worth as an artist at one point, the most important thing is to keep creating art and doing what you love. It all works out in the end. Because HOME, as always, is being authentically, unapologetically you. I hope you enjoy.

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That Girl

A show about the Viennese singer Syannah. The 22-year-old speaks about self-doubt, how self-development courses helped her to go after her dream and the unrealistic expectations women face in the music industry. I sat down with the young songwriter to find out how she overcame her fears and societal expectations to achieve her goal. Besides, she shares why authenticity and being honest with her audience is what she wants to be remembered as, why Rachel Platten is her hero and how being on stage is the closest she's ever felt to being at home.

Music credits: Syannah
Photo credit: Tobias Dellit

What You Call Home is an audio series, exploring the meaning of home through personal memoirs of people like you & me. This project shows that no matter where we come from, we all yearn to belong, be understood as we are & have the freedom to express ourselves in a personal way.


What You Call Home is an audio series, exploring the meaning of home through personal memoirs of people like you and me.