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The Isolation Series: The End

It’s been a while since my last isolation series show and while I’d received some wonderful recordings in the last month, unfortunately due to personal reasons I was unable to dedicate the time that I needed to continue with this audio project. Regardless, I still wanted to say thank you to everyone who submitted stories and shared their thoughts on the lockdown with me, thank you to all the listeners for taking the time to connect and write messages to me. They’ve all been very much appreciated.

In the last few weeks, many of the lockdown measures have been lifted and step by step things have been going back to normal. Berlin is quickly coming back to life, it’s like the entire city has woken up from its winter’s rest. It feels good to see the streets fill up with laughter again. That’s the Berlin I was hoping to meet, that’s the Berlin I had imagined – energetic, vibrant and blooming.

And yet, it still feels wrong to me not to wrap up the isolation series with one last submission. That’s why I’d like to share with you the monologue by Lois Down from Scotland. Her story very much feels like a new beginning. She takes a look back on what the last few months have meant to us internally and how they’ve changed the way we perceive life. It sparks positivity for what’s yet to come, which is why it’s a perfect way to end this series. Thank you for everyone who listened, on to the show. This is Lois Downs, I hope you enjoy.

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The Isolation Series: Part II

In the second part of the Isolation Series you'll here from Mica from Wales, Moriah, an American living in Madrid and Daniel, an American in Montevideo, Uruguay.

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The Isolation Series: Part I

It’s my fifth week in lockdown here in Berlin and I’ve been thinking a lot about my family. My parents who are in Austria have been self-isolating for over a month now. My stepdad hasn’t left the house once because he is part of the group who are more vulnerable to the coronavirus. They are still lucky to have a garden to enjoy the warm days of spring which so many people don’t. Some of my family members live in Russia and my 82-year-old grandmother resides in Belarus, a country whose leader, despite urgent requests to issue a self-Isolation rule, does not even acknowledge the pandemic as an issue in any way. I also have friends all over the globe who are expats and are far away from their loved ones, some are even on different continents.

What is The Isolation Series about?

In the last few weeks I’ve been receiving recordings from people around the world. They’ve been sharing their thoughts on the situation in their country of residence, their daily fears but also the many moments of gratitude that they have been feeling during these strange times. The one thing I’ve learnt while recording stories for this project is that home is so much more than a physical place. It is a feeling, it’s the people we love, it’s the freedom we feel, its the things that we do that make us happy. It’s highly personal. I wonder how these unprecedented circumstances impact our sense of belonging? Have we been forced to redefine it? What does HOME even mean during this global crisis?

In the first episode you'll hear stories from Diane, a Canadian freelancer living in Edinburgh,
Katherine, an American writer in Germany,
Sophie, a British journalist in New York who’s been reporting on the pandemic daily,
& Christiane, a communications specialist from Telfs, Austria who’s been isolated alone in her flat.
This is Stories from Isolation Part I. I hope you enjoy.

What You Call Home is an audio series, exploring the meaning of home through personal memoirs of people like you & me. This project shows that no matter where we come from, we all yearn to belong, be understood as we are & have the freedom to express ourselves in a personal way.


What You Call Home is an audio series, exploring the meaning of home through personal memoirs of people like you and me.